A new initiative has sprung up in Falkirk: the Wednesday Group. Launched in August 2019, the group now sees around 20 people in attendance each week. It is a fantastic opportunity for people to socialise in a warm, safe and friendly space whilst enjoying refreshments and entertainment.

The group was formed to encourage people to plan activities together, create friendships, and build confidence. Many of the individuals who attend the group can feel lonely and enjoy coming along every week to connect with others. They are particularly fond of arts and crafts – such as making their own Halloween decorations (pictured) – playing board games, and singing Karaoke.

New friendships have already blossomed and existing ones have strengthened. Andrea, local service manager, shared:

“the Wednesday group often meets up with Club Fun, another of our local social groups. Two of the people we support actually met through this integration and it quickly became apparent that they already knew each other, despite neither using words as their form of communication. If it wasn’t for this group, they may have never crossed paths!”

It is heart-warming to see life-long friendships being created through Carr Gomm.