Did you know that in the UK 1 in 8 adults are carers? That’s 6.5 million people. Did you also know that many people do not recognise themselves as carers? However, they’re providing care and/or support to a loved one, a neighbour or a friend. It could be by helping to prepare a meal, providing company and a listening ear, helping with finances, doing a food shop, providing personal care – the list is endless. These people, often known as informal carers, are vital for many, helping people to live a quality life in their own or family home.

At Carr Gomm, we know that organising and coordinating care and support of a loved one can be tricky, overwhelming and at times stressful. This role often falls at a time where the person or people helping to care for their loved one has other commitments, for example a job and parental or other caring responsibilities. It therefore involves juggling various commitments, which can conflict and leave carers facing added pressure, stress or burn out.

That’s why Carr Gomm and Ember Technology have partnered to create an app called YooToo. The app aims to help families communicate, collaborate and coordinate care and support of a loved one. Bringing everything together in one place, so everyone is kept in the loop and can access updates any time of day, anywhere.

Carr Gomm prides itself on providing person-centred support and YooToo is no different. Loved ones can access the app so they can also provide updates, know what is going on and request help. Additionally, medication reminders and daily health questions can be turned on, asking users to rate pain and mood. Results can be viewed in the apps report feature, showing how answers may change over time.

There are a range of features that will help families and informal circles of support. Including appointments and events, assignable to-do tasks, a central contact list and check-ins to provide updates after visits, phone or video calls. You can find out more about the features and functionality in our short video:

The app is now available and you can try using the app for free with a 30 day trial, find out more on the YooToo website

We’re here to support YooToo

It’s not just an app. We’ve also developed an online community which aims to provide advice, information and news to help you find answers to your questions, discover online support and share your concerns. We know caring for a loved one can feel lonely, but there is a wealth of information and knowledge that can help you on your journey. Explore our online community to discover information and advice on topics such as community support, staying active and supporting parents from a far.

Find out more on the YooToo website, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or get in touch by emailing [email protected].