Recovering from an injury is never easy, but the two Davids have teamed up together to overcome that challenge.

A week after David A had come back from hospital, after surgery, he needed some support to help him recover. David B, who was supporting David A, decided to put together an exercise chair to help him with his recovery.

David B was worried that lockdown would negatively affect David A, as he was limited to what he was allowed to do - such as not being able to get outside and after surgery he was not able to use his body as he would normally. To solve this issue, the exercise chair was created.

A stretchy exercise band was attached to a light chair -  the band can be attached to different parts of the chair, depending on the exercises. David A took part in a variety of arm and body workouts, which allowed him to move freely and in accordance with the kinds of movements the hospital recommended for him. 

David A is able to work out weekly and it has not only become a good way to stay fit, but has also created an opportunity for the two Davids to bond. It has equally benefited David A’s mind-set, giving him a productive and fun activity with goals to strive for. It is a good way to take his mind off of the idea of constantly being confided indoors.