Carr Gomm Futures is a unique staff innovation programme that demonstrates our commitment to listening to our staff, learning from each other, and maintaining our leading edge in social care.

Ignacio's idea helped us resolve a glitch with one of our internal processes. As a result, he has played an integral part in our efforts to introduce a new digital system, which in turn will transform the way in which our team manage their daily care tasks.

We sat down with Ignacio to learn more about his idea and the Futures process.

Ignacio's Story

What was your Futures Idea?

The intention behind my Futures idea was to improve systems for daily support between people supported and Carr Gomm staff. 

Support practitioners and service managers previously used social care support applications including Carista and ClickGo.  The applications empower people to have more choice and control over their support by giving staff access to detailed information.

I knew how each of these systems worked, but noticed a disconnect between the two. I felt Carr Gomm would benefit from having access to a platform that combined the best features of both, allowing us to be more transversal in our approach. 

My idea focussed on how we might develop better processes around recording how care was provided. For example:

  • To provide quicker and easier access around changing care days. 
  • To find better solutions for rescheduling, informing staff members of any changes, and providing updated information about medication provision.

I thought carefully about what requirements a system like this might need, and how it would operate. I then submitted my idea to Futures and waited to hear back. To my surprise, Carr Gomm was already working on developing a new system called Care Planner. I was thrilled to be offered an opportunity to join the development team, to share my ideas, and to help create a new system and processes.

Did you have any experience in developing new tech solutions?

I had no IT or related experience! My idea really evolved out of trying to find a fix for a minor difficulty with daily care tasks, so I was excited to delve-in and learn something new as a part of the development team. Despite not having my whole Futures idea implemented, it has so far been a great experience. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new system transforms the way we work, and the way we provide support.

What would you say to other members of staff who want to submit an idea?

I would encourage anyone who has an idea to submit it to Futures; you really have nothing to lose. The Futures group is keen to hear fresh ideas, and will lead you through the process with enthusiasm and support. No matter how small your idea is, you’ll be surprised at the impact that you’ll be making. It may even have the potential to contribute to something much bigger!

If you’re a part of the Carr Gomm team, submit your Futures ideas through the intranet.

If you would like to learn more about our Futures initiative, visit: