Our Corstorphine service is delving into art therapy.

Aayesha thoroughly enjoys having her feet painted.

Vicky had her hands painted and made prints to give to her family. Her images are usually more about touch and feel. Since lockdown began, Vicky has created an estimated 450 pictures.

 Vicky making prints.

Naomi Ness, Support Practitioner, said: “We’ve sent the prints to Vicky and Aayesha’s families. Vicky’s Mum collects pictures a lot, however she really liked the hand prints, and Aayesha’s Mum was so pleased to receive a picture from her daughter.”

Sean has also been exploring with art therapy. He is making images for neighbours of the service and friends he speaks to on a regular basis.

Service Manager Susan Gaunt said: “It keeps boredom at bay - he loves painting with Joanna.”

 As Sean’s Support Practitioner, Joanna knows Sean well. She said: “He has really liked the painting; it gives him some time to focus. He has many friends here and has been giving his paintings as gifts to keep people’s spirits up.”

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