Our Glasgow North East service is working closely with its local commissioning team - who make decisions on the types of services required to support the needs of a specific population - to provide support for people being discharged from Stobhill hospital.

This project has proven to be a real success in what has been a difficult and challenging time for support services across the country.

The pandemic has led to more hospital admissions and difficulties accessing much needed support. For many of our supported people, leaving hospital has meant a move home with no or limited access to essential items and services, including basic furniture and benefits.

The team has gone above and beyond to ensure people have access to what they need. Many services and community organisations have closed, or  have very limited capacity and funding, so staff have used their creativity to source furniture and household items.

Additionally, the team are providing on-going emotional support for each person leaving hospital by visiting them regularly and offering help to rehabilitate people back into the community.

Sandra McKie, service manager, said: “From the safety of a ward environment to being able to confidently live on your own again is a daunting thought that comes with a lot of anxieties.  

“Staff work with each individual to identify what is important to them, giving them back control of their life and encouraging feelings of value in the process.” 

Kevin O’Donnell, senior operations manager, said: “This mental health service is really about building relationships, and working alongside people.

“We aim to be a positive in people’s lives and the Glasgow North East team have managed to do this really well.

“Honestly it has been a success because of the team. They are working over-time, making phone-calls and working weekends to ensure people feel supported during a difficult and daunting period of their life.”