Our Merchiston and Ettrick services are hosting activities that are good for the soul, the belly and the feet!

The apple trees at Merchiston are flourishing. All apples collected have led to a very successful and well appreciated apple crumble. An individual supported at Merchiston has also bought a juice maker in order for fresh apple juice to be an option, to be made from future apples. This will provide a quick daily nutrition boost for those who want it. The apples are proving a great source of health and motivation for a nutritious and tasty result. Failing that, a sweet treat!


Further garden activity has involved digging up a planter at Ettrick. This was cleared out by people supported. As a result, all of their hard efforts have meant lots of tasty fresh peas.

Hazel King, a Support Practitioner, said: “Everyone is so proud of what they have achieved with the peas in the planter! It is a brilliant result and everyone is more than happy to share their work in the garden, in the hope that it may encourage others to use their garden spaces too.”


Alongside having green fingers, those at Merchiston also have the occasional ‘beauty afternoon’.

Hazel said: “We supported four people with a beauty afternoon. Everyone got so much enjoyment out of the foot masks and face masks. They said they felt much better and the feet masks were really beneficial. They also had their nails filed and had refreshments of tea and biscuits.”


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