Friday nights are certainly not boring with Laura and Mags. During lockdown, they have been doing a variety of activities to keep busy - one of these has been painting.

There are many forms of canvases and for Laura and Mags, they usually use small stones to paint their pieces. Each painting session is different and it is a great form of expression for Mags.

Usually Mags likes to paint some of her favourite film characters, bands and she has a collection of brightly colored and beautifully decorated stones. One of the backgrounds of the stones is navy blue with a white snowman, - the realism is spot on and immediately you’ll know that it is of Olaf, the character from Frozen. Some of the other rocks represent the character Winnie the Pooh, the band UB40 and Scotland’s favourite - Irn Bru.

For some people, painting can be quite a messy job, but not for Mags. Laura, who supports Mags, said that Mags finds it funny when she drops her paint brush on her t-shirt. She always has a good time and the mess is not a concern.