Lockdown restrictions are easing, which has meant that Doris can finally get her much needed haircut.

Last week, the Alloway service organised for Doris to visit her hairdresser. Having her haircut used to be a simple routine, but due to lockdown restrictions, she could not go. Until recently, Doris was shielding, and this meant that she could not go out at all for months.

Now that the rules are slightly more relaxed back, it has become an exciting excursion. The trip to the hairdresser was a symbolic one. It differed from what she would have typically done, so Doris wore her mask, got into a taxi, and finally went to her hair appointment.

Though a very simple day out, it made all the difference for Doris’ wellbeing with some staff members noticing an immense improvement in her mood.

Taylor, the Alloway service manager, said: “It has been a long time since Doris could get out of the service and do something that she  finds exciting. Doris and I joked that she enjoyed getting out and being pampered.”