Yvonne is enjoying daily activities and exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Over the lockdown period, Yvonne has been watching her favourite show Funbox regularly. After long periods of limited exercise, Yvonne and her support practitioner Natalie decided to increase their fitness together using the show as inspiration.

If you don't know, Funbox is a TV entertainment group who encourage viewers to dance and sing-along to different songs and anthems.

Natalie said: “Yvonne absolutely loves Funbox, and this gave me the idea to incorporate the show into a fitness regime, so that it felt like less of a chore. Every day of the week we pick a different character for Yvonne to follow. On Monday, the character went for a walk, so that's exactly what we did too."

The show even encouraged Yvonne to get a gym membership, by providing fun routines that make exercise less of a chore. 

We are delighted to hear that Yvonne is having fun with her new routine; all while staying fit. Go Yvonne!