Fiona (as pictured,) is coming up with a long list of creative ideas to keep busy during lockdown.

“I’ve been painting,” said Fiona who is supported by Carr Gomm in Glasgow. “I’ve been making postcards, I’ve been making soup for the homeless, and I’ve been learning how to knit. I’ve also been making cheese! Vegan cheese too, which I learnt off YouTube." 

Fiona added that she mostly paints “landscapes and portraits. It keeps me sane. I have found it helpful. I was worried about having to stay at home, about it being depressing, but I have done lots to keep busy.”

Here is Fiona’s painting of a local dock.

Fiona’s key worker, Barbara, has worked with Fiona for many years and she has been so inspired by Fiona’s motivation and long list of creative ways to keep busy.

Barbara said “It’s been very inspiring. Fiona has turned a negative into a positive. She has blossomed. We’ve been working together for years, her selflessness and motivation has been so inspiring. She has got several irons in the fire! Long may it continue, Fiona has been so involved in what she is doing.”

One of Fiona’s portraits.

Barbara hopes Fiona’s motivation will serve as a form of inspiration for others to pick up that paintbrush, or try that new recipe. When in doubt just think, what would Fiona do?

Starry night by Fiona!

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