Carr Gomm is bringing people in Craigmillar together to share their love of good food and great recipes – and create an Edible Stories book.

Edinburgh’s Craigmillar community, and neighbouring areas, have experienced significant change and re-development in recent years to improve and break down barriers of social issues and historical deprivation.

Carr Gomm has supported these changes with a number of fundraised projects, known as Craigmillar Community Grows. These projects aim to tackle issues of social isolation and loneliness by creating groups and activities – such as food and blether groups; walking groups; cooking and crafts - that help bring those within the community together.

Since the projects were established, more residents have moved into this community, bringing with them different cultures and experiences. Carr Gomm wanted to celebrate these differences and help people moving into the community feel welcomed. This is where the idea for the ‘Edible Stories’ book began.

Karin Chipulina, Community Project Worker, explains: “Edible Stories was created to support local people to make artistic work based on their cultures and experiences, to help strengthen the community. We worked closely with local artists based within the business centre in Craigmillar. They helped us to gather more than 66 different recipes, stories and artwork from people within the community who wanted to be involved in the programme. This project lasted about four months with many people offering their support to help turn this collection of materials into a tangible book.

“It was a very successful and interesting project, with a number of older people commenting on how they enjoyed reminiscing over recipes, whilst others shared recipes and conversations around food.

“There are plans to sell the book in the future and use the donations to support local ideas that will continue to bring the community together.”

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