Our Dundee Visiting Service is on a mission to promote healthy eating. It has created a system to promote and inform people and give tips to stay healthy.

The team is using its garden and has created a ‘healthy eating folder’ as guidance. The first objective is the importance of listening to the people it supports to understand what they like to eat. This is then recorded in the folder and healthy recipe options are put together for them.

The second objective is for people to have a connection with the food that they eat. This is achieved within the garden, where they grow some of the vegetables and then they learn how to cook them.

Unfortunately, some of the garden projects have stopped due to lockdown and are being put on hold until further notice. There are still a few fruit and vegetables that are available from the garden and the team has made an effort to deliver them to people’s homes, because they are isolating. This way no one misses out on fresh and healthy ingredients for their cooking.