There is always something creative happening with our Dundee visiting service. This time, they have designed mini face masks for Mags’ dolls.

It has now become quite normal to see people wearing face masks, but when lockdown first started it was a bit frightening for some people.

The team was initially concerned that Mags would be scared to see people coming in with face masks and that she would not be able to recognise anyone. So the team designed mini masks for her dolls. The thought behind it was to get Mags used to seeing her dolls with the masks first so that when the team came in with facemasks she would be comfortable with seeing different people wearing them.

Mags has two dolls and the team made the effort to dress them both with brightly coloured mini masks. The masks were perfect for Mags’ dolls and they even matched their outfits.

Our Dundee team has some very talented designers who have managed to make the dolls fashionable and keep up with the latest trends.