David is a film and book enthusiast and has an extensive collection that he is very proud of.

However, recently David, supported by the Edinburgh Visiting team, has been working to clear out and donate some of his items to create a more welcoming and spacious home environment.

David shared his plans with Caroline, his support practitioner, and together they discussed a number of ideas and ways he could improve his flat, paying particular attention to the living room. This discussion encouraged David to put his ideas on paper by sketching his living room, to help himself and staff visualise the space.

Caroline shared: “I helped him visualise the flat by opening up discussions gently about how he would like it to be, and how he would ideally like to use the space. David did the sketch off his own back!

“Before lockdown, he had been making small steps, such as trips to Ikea and purchasing some Ikea storage solutions and starting to clear areas of his home. This will be a very long process but documenting it and having a focus is proving to be a great source of motivation and giving him some purpose which is wonderful.”

David explained: “I am happy to do this project. I am excited to get started and see the changes in my flat .”

David’s project is only in the beginning stages, however, we are looking forward to following his journey and keeping everyone up-to-date with the small changes he is making during this challenging time.

We are sure the final outcome will be fantastic!

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