Darren is taking on the challenge of climbing Ben Lomond to raise funds for three charities close to his heart - one of these is us!

This Monday (August 10) , Darren and two family members successfully climbed Ben Lomond, raising £870 to be split between the charities which all helped Darren last year.

This was a huge success for Darren, as his aim was to raise £500, so he is incredibly proud to have surpassed his target.

Darren wanted to raise this funding to give back to the charities that helped him last year through a very difficult time. He has also been raising awareness through his posts by using the #Don’tSufferInSilence and #Don'tSufferAlone hashtags, and by encouraging the idea that it is okay to have bad days. Darren wants people to know that it is okay to talk, as he believes that that is what saved him last year.

Eile​en Drozdowska, a support practitioner from our North East Team, who supported him, said: “Darren's climb went really well. He made it to the top and is really proud of their achievement, as are we. It is incredible.”

On his JustGiving page, Darren wrote:

'Hi my name is Darren and I have mental health issues. Over the last year I have had several episodes of my mental health flaring up and in December 2019 I attempted to take my own life. My family got me to hospital where I was treated.

Over my time there I was linked in with Carr Gomm, Street Soccer and Restart. All off which are charities that made me learn that it's ok to have issues and to feel the way I feel. These charities have been there for me and given me so much support and got me involved in activities that give me a purpose in life and aid me in my recovery.

So, I feel that these charities have given me so much help and support that I want to give something back so that they can continue their great work not just with me but with so many others. Therefore, myself my brother and my cousin are going to walk up Ben Lomond to raise money for these charities and their vital work that I have first-hand experience of.

Everyone please remember it’s ok to feel this way but please don't hold it all in. Let it out, speak about it with others and seek help. Don’t suffer in silence. '

Thank you to Darren for all your efforts. Well done to Thomas and Kyle who trained and climbed alongside Darren.

If you are interested in supporting Darren, his JustGiving page is still live.

If you would like to fundraise on behalf of Carr Gomm, visit our ‘Fundraise for us’ page.