Dania had a great birthday bash despite the coronavirus pandemic. Her day was spent singing and participating in a variety of activities that make her happy.

On the morning of her birthday, Dania opened her presents from the Carr Gomm girls (her support staff) and played games, before getting ready to head to the gym.

Dania loves staying active, and it was important to her that she was able to attend the gym on her birthday.

The birthday celebrations lasted more than a day, with Dania’s brother delivering a backpack full of musical instruments as a post birthday surprise. The haul included maracas, a triangle, xylophone, and a tambourine.

Dania enjoys using her kit  to sing and play different styles of music.

Giulia Spaltro, support practitioner, said: “The music kit really was a perfect birthday present. Dania loves music and it is often how she communicates and interacts with other people, being non-verbal.”

People who are non-verbal use other ways to express themselves, rather than speak, such as; pointing, facial expressions and gestures to explain how they are feeling. Sensory stimulation is important for people who are non-verbal as it gives them an opportunity to build their skills and experiences in a calming environment, and can be used as a tool to help build better connections with others.

Giulia continued: "She attended a number of singing and dancing groups before lockdown and is happy to be back making music and singing once again.” 

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