Dania, who is supported by our Stirling service, has swapped the gym for regular tricycle rides around her local area.

She loves exercise and would participate in regular visits to the gym, where she had her own routine and would chat to other members before lockdown.

Since the gym is closed, Dania and her support team have been trying to find different activities she can do to keep fit and maintain a routine.

Recently her parents were clearing out the garage and discovered a tricycle that they suggested to Dania could be a perfect alternative to the gym.

Dania was very eager and excited to give the bike a spin with her support team.

Lyn McCallum, her support practitioner said: “What a find! She absolutely loves the bike and gets so much enjoyment from this type of exercise.

“It is so successful that we have now introduced this into Dania’s support and she uses the tricycle regularly as part of her daily exercise.

“I’m hoping in the future I’ll get a go too.”