Social distancing has changed our usual day-to-day activity at Cameron Cottage. To support and maintain the wellbeing of our people supported, we organised a socially distanced chess tournament. With an opportunity to socialise and build friendships, there has been lots of fun and some friendly competition. The game has been so popular, playing has been taking place morning, noon and knight

Support Practitioner, Mari Snell, said: “Everyone is enthusiastic about improving their chess-playing skills.”  

The final was held last week and Jamie was the winner! Congratulations to Jamie! As part of Jamie’s win, he won a £15 Amazon voucher.

Did you know?

Chess is one of the oldest games in the world dating back over 1500 years, and has the ability to bring people together in friendly competition. When playing chess, opponents use both sides of their brain to exercise logic, develop pattern-recognition, make decisions visually and analytically, and to test their memory. An active brain is a healthy brain! For the Cameron service, it has proven to be a real confidence builder and has helped develop creativity amongst our people.

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