Carr Gomm services are continuing to come up with ingenious ways to keep occupied during lockdown. At Merchiston and Ettrick they recently held crazy golf in the communal garden.

Louise Sutherland, one of our support practitioners at Merchiston, came up with the idea.

She said: “People have been getting a little bored. They have also been in lockdown longer than most of us due to the recommendation of shielding. Usually on Sundays we have communal activities. Someone mentioned that they have golf clubs indoors, so I thought up the idea of crazy golf.”

Louise added: “We can go outside when the weather is nice and still socially distance. It was important for us to keep up the Sunday activities too.

"For the crazy golf, I made some tunnels out of cardboard. I used slate as well for another tunnel. Everyone enjoyed it. It helps grow confidence too. We are just trying to give some options to keep people occupied, such as our outdoor gym, quizzes and colouring challenges.” 

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