Craigmillar Community Grows, a Carr Gomm fundraised community project, is lending a helping hand by delivering food packages from the local church to families who live in the area.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, the  church allowed the project to use one of their rooms for the project's Outside In workshop group.

Craigmillar Community Grows was eager to return the favour and, when it had heard the church had been delivering food parcels as a result of the pandemic, the project was enthusiastic to get involved.

Karin Chipulina, Community Development worker, said: “We are delivering a box of essentials to families every week who have been impacted by the pandemic. The packages usually consist of bread and milk along with other essentials that will help people to make different meals throughout the week.

“The church has a list of the families who receive the food packages to ensure they are meeting dietary and food requirements, as many people in the local area come from different backgrounds and cultures. I have been helping to pack between four and eight bags each Thursday and leave the deliveries on people’s doorsteps.

“You never see the families but it is nice to know that the project is doing its part to continue to support the local area.”

If you would like to find out more about receiving support from Carr Gomm, get in touch via our online form.