Nancy is a Mum. We met her, and her daughter, when she joined our 'Craigmillar Community Connect' gardening group to meet new people and become a more active member within her community.

Prior to joining the group, Nancy’s full-time job was looking after her young children. Once her children had started school and nursery, Nancy found herself feeling quite lonely and isolated at home. She wanted to find new friends with similar interests, and gradually build her confidence to apply for a part-time job. Nancy explained the initial impact of joining the gardening group:

“I made new friends, was in a happier mood, and got out of the house and became more active…it got me talking to other people.”

Karin, who runs the project, knew Nancy enjoyed coming along to the gardening group and she could see her confidence grow each week. So Karin introduced Nancy to the food and blether group.

The food and blether group is also part of the Craigmillar Community Connect project and is an opportunity for anyone within the local community to come along and try new food, recipes, and make friends. Nancy told us:

“Karin has done a wonderful job in running the food and blether group. Going there has built a beautiful friendship with other mums and people in the area. I really enjoy going there; it’s the highlight of my week and I love trying different food from all around the world with nice people who enjoy the same passion for good food and share the same interests as me. Karin is a fabulous host and organiser; she is very friendly and a very good communicator too. Her presence is always welcome.”

Nancy is now working, but still finds the time to volunteer to run the food and blether group alongside Karin. Karin explained: 

“Nancy now manages the food and blether group’s WhatsApp page with me; she is very good at getting people together, making them feel at home and being very encouraging.”

We can often forget that isolation and loneliness can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. It is a silent killer; however, Nancy’s story is a healthy reminder of why our projects are so important to so many people: projects that rely solely on fundraised income. With your continued support we can continue to fund these worthwhile projects and do more to help people like Nancy. 

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