Our teams in Forth Valley are rising to the challenge. Pulling together during this time of crisis, the teams in our Wallace Street, Western and Central services are working hard to keep morale high and ensure people are supported as best as possible.

Staff are adapting to the challenges of lockdown by encouraging people to keep busy with a wide range of activities – from baking delicious scones (and a first attempt at them too) and making the most of treasured back gardens, to filling cinema-shaped voids with home movie sessions.

Some people have temporarily moved back to live with family during the lockdown, so staff are keeping in touch with twice-weekly video calls, asking them how they’re coping and catching up on all the latest news.

In the spirit of adaptability, they’re also helping out other local Carr Gomm teams by offering their services as ‘runners’. For those who cannot go out to pick up their shopping or medication, the teams are dropping deliveries at their doors then standing back for a chat along the front path.

Margo, Service Manager of the three services, commented:

“I am so proud of my teams. It’s amazing to see how people come together in times of crisis and it’s so uplifting to see everyone doing that here. It shows the human kindness that’s in all of us. They’re just amazing – and I tell them that every week. I’m chuffed to bits with them.”

With physical distancing measures in place, Margo cannot pop in to visit people at the moment, but that hasn’t deterred her from thinking up creative solutions. Instead, it’s a tap on the window to draw attention and then a blether through the glass to say hello and show that people are being thought of.

Staff indoors are equipped with their personal protective equipment (PPE), but “everyone sees the funny side of it, which is just what’s needed”, said Margo.

If you would like to find out more about receiving support from Carr Gomm, get in touch via our online form.