Colin and Bill have been best friends and housemates for many years.

And for all of those years, the duo has kept Carr Gomm’s Midlothian Visiting Team - who support the pair in their Gilmerton home - on their toes.

Elvis-daft Colin (62) has been a particularly cheeky chap, constantly playing tricks on all the staff.

But sadly Colin died recently, leaving Bill (68) without the company of his best pal.

To make things even more difficult for Bill, due to Coronavirus and social distancing, Bill was unable to attend Colin’s funeral. So the compassionate Visiting Team brought Colin’s funeral to Bill.

The Team created a special video for Bill featuring photos of Colin, and of both men, to the soundtrack of Colin’s hero, Elvis Presley. Members of the Team supporting Bill then joined him in his home to play the video and hold a private memorial service to allow Bill to light a candle, say the Lord’s Prayer, and wave goodbye to his best mate.

Thank you to the Midlothian Visiting Team for all the care and compassion you show and for going above and beyond to support Bill through this difficult time.

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