Lorraine's story is a positive reminder of the outcomes that can be achieved when we accept change and open up to new experiences around us!

Like many of us, Lorraine has a sweet tooth and throughout the winter months, was struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

Lorraine’s support staff changed last year and her new Support Worker suggested that she join the local gym.  After having a fitness assessment and being shown how to use the equipment, gym sessions have become a regular feature of Lorraine’s support. Together, Lorraine and Shirley plan their gym sessions, mixing cardio and strength exercises. “At first we had to go at a slow pace, but we have got faster each week,” said Lorraine.

Lorraine’s family have been really supportive and have given her gifts of new gym clothes and iPod to listen to music. “These gifts were a great encouragement; I look like everyone else at the gym,” said Lorraine.

Going to the gym has improved Lorraine’s fitness and is helping her to manage her weight better. “I really enjoy going to the gym, it offers the chance to meet new people and always boosts my mood.” Attending the gym has not only been a positive experience for Lorraine, her support worker Shirley has also lost two stone!

Change can sometimes be unsettling, but it can often open up new experiences. For Lorraine, a change to her support team has had a positive impact, enabling her to try a new activity, which she loves. By going to the gym, Lorraine has become more in control of her health, learnt new skills and made new friends.