Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities Fund, Carr Gomm is collaborating with T-Yoga to develop online workouts to support local communities and households in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Carr Gomm are working closely with Tara from T-Yoga to create a series of online yoga workouts to support small-scale community resilience. 

The sessions are the perfect opportunity to relax, soothe the body, activate the mind and help maintain our wellbeing in the midst of uncertainty. 

Videos of the yoga workouts will be launched on a weekly basis and posted below. Stay tuned for updates. 

Workout 10: Strengthen Lower Back Yoga

Workout 9: Balance Flow Yoga

Workout 8: Relaxation Body Scan Yoga

Workout 7: Breathing Techniques  Yoga

Workout 6: Beginner's Yoga

Workout 5: Introduction to Yoga

Workout 4: Standing Yoga

Workout 3: Lying Down Yoga 

Workout 2: Seated Yoga

Workout 1: Hip Yoga Flow

Find out more about the Scottish Government's Supporting Communities Fund