A group of 52 people, comprising Carr Gomm staff and people we support, are currently taking part in our unique 12-week Healthy Living and Wellbeing Programme. The programme – which has already been completed by 34 people – is being delivered in a first-of-its-kind partnership between Carr Gomm and local social enterprise, Health by Science.

Why are we doing this?

One of our prime strategic focuses is the development and application of healthy living approaches into everyday lives; not only of the people we support, but also our workforce.

"...if you want to have a big impact on people's wellbeing, there's no better place to start than in the workplace."

[Stuart Maytham, Health by Science]

With the mass of often conflicting information, health and wellbeing can be a daunting subject; it can be difficult to know where to start and how to make sustainable changes that will influence long-term good health and wellbeing. Our programme seeks to equip staff and empower the people we support to overcome these barriers and achieve positive and sustainable outcomes.

"It can be complex...through magazines, social media, through television programmes and even adverts there can be a whole lot of misleading and contradictory information. It is important to look at the basics and think critically about where you are getting your information from".

[Jamie Henderson, Health by Science]

What’s the plan?

A number of our staff, some of whom completed the programme themselves in 2019, are now accompanying people we support to progress through the programme which is 100% person-centred and tailored to each individual. The goal is to empower people to make better, informed, healthier-living related choices; backed by science, expertise and, of course, a passion to provide the best possible support we can in achieving personal outcomes.

The programme is geared to finish in March 2020 and will lead into phase 2 of our overall Healthy Living and Wellbeing project. This second, larger and more impactful phase will focus on bringing health living and wellbeing knowledge into the wider organisation. We’ll be unveiling more details on this part of the plan soon!

Want to find out more?

We will be posting regular updates on our website and social media, sharing people’s journeys through and experiences of the programme.

If you are interested in discussing the project further, please do get in touch via our online contact form.

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