Our Broomage Crescent service is bringing people together to share ideas and creative ways they can enjoy the garden space.

The service had planned to refurbish its back garden this year as a fun project for everyone to work on together, but since lockdown, plans have had to change. It was important for the service to find activities that were inclusive and accessible for everyone, since going outside in public had been restricted to once a day.

At first, they found this challenging as finding activities that would be suitable for a variety of ages and abilities had proved difficult.

However, they worked together to identity a number of games everyone was happy to play indoors and outside in the garden. The activities included a swing ball, a giant Connect 4 and a reversible net that can be used for tennis or football.

Alan and Donna who live within Broomage Crescent have built a stronger friendship through regular games of swing ball together in the garden. The swing ball set is the perfect height for Alan, a wheelchair user, to compete against Donna who is not in a wheelchair.

Marie Dunleavie, service manager, said: “Since lockdown, the house has adapted really well to the change in routine with everyone being very caring towards one another.

“Alan, who recently moved into the house, has brought a lot of life and energy to the service which is having a positive impact on his housemates.

“Overall, this change has encouraged people to get to know each other better and ensure a happy experience whilst in lockdown.

“It’s been lovely to see the different relationships growing.”

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