Brian and Jake from our Dundee service have been working together to learn a brand new language.

Learning a new language can be difficult as it requires lots of commitment. However, this wasn’t a barrier for Brian. He set himself a goal of learning Polish to better communicate with his friend, and his determination and passion for learning motivated Jake to do the same. Jake was so impressed with Brian’s effort, he joined in so they could both practice together. His kind gesture has developed into a dream of traveling to Poland to experience its culture. 

They were both supported by the Duolingo language app, an interactive and fun tool that is known as the world’s most downloaded education app! At their own pace, they are both steadily building up their vocabulary, and are really enjoying the experience of trying something new.

Jane, service manager, said: “We are so proud of the effort, time and dedication both Brian and Jake have put into learning this new language, and for the extra mile Jake went in supporting Brian to achieve his goal.”

Jake’s humility and kindness is a reminder of our organisational value of ‘Choice’ and how we support individuals to achieve their dreams. An act of kindness is making a difference to both Brian and Jake, as they both now get to enjoy learning a new skill.

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