Craigmillar Community Grows (CCG) development worker Karin Chipulina is creating innovative ways to work during lockdown.

This has included drawing walking routes for the local walking group who have had to stop meeting due to physical distancing.

Karin said: “The maps were initially for the walking group to inspire them to keep going out, however, on reflection I felt it could help others in Craigmillar."

She said: “I’ve drawn up a map with two routes on it in Craigmillar. It also has different features on it including the castle. They are really nice walks and I’m happy for it to encourage those local to Craigmillar to get walking.

“I also had the idea that, for those that don’t have access to the technology, I can send them a postcard version of the map. This is something I am investigating.”

One of the routes (attached) includes the Craigmillar Castle, its gardens and beautiful woodland. If anyone fancies the walk, please let us know. Send us a photo or a message on social media or to [email protected]. We’d love to hear about your adventures.


If you are interested in Craigmillar Community Grows you can access that here.