Cinema and theatres remain closed. However, this has not deterred our Forth Valley service from finding a show.

With drive-in experiences taking place all over the country, we were delighted to find a local event at Falkirk Stadium. The news soon spread and we booked our tickets! 

Prior to lockdown, Yvonne and Simon would often attend musicals at the theatre and share regular cinema trips. They were both eager to go along to the drive-in and so Natalie Smith, their support practitioner, drove them along.

John was also excited as Jurassic Park was showing, one of his favourite movies. Along with Cara Dick, his support practitioner, he made a delicious picnic which they both tucked into whilst watching the movie.

Everyone shared that they felt a little apprehensive to begin with, and were concerned the event would be too busy and they would be unable to see the screen.

Carra said: “John and I were really pleasantly surprised. The event was so well organised and we could see the screen perfectly.

“John was so happy! He loved listening to the movie and watching the other cars around him. We plan to go back to the stadium for the Halloween night drive-in.”

Natalie said: “Yvonne and Simon loved the experience. We managed to see ‘Mamma Mia’ and I thought the car was going to topple over with the amount of singing and dancing they were doing.

“It was brilliant and we can’t wait to go back.”