Annie is finding alternative ways to maintain her health and well-being - physically and mentally - through creating different arts and crafts pieces.

Prior to lockdown, Annie attended an art group where she enjoyed designing beautiful cards to give to friends and family. She has continued creating cards during the lockdown period. However she was eager to try something new and requested a sewing machine from the #Spreadkindness fund.

Annie was delighted to receive her sewing machine, and is now using to stitch together different coloured patterns to form small owls. She is creating these owls as gifts and is sending a number of them to her mum who has been shielding. It’s a small gesture to show her love and appreciation to those around her.

Claire Wyatt, support practitioner said: “Annie is absolutely loving her new sewing machine.

“She enjoys creating owls and finding different patterns that match each other to form the animals.

“The aim is for people within the service to create their own art pieces through a variety of felt, fabric, crochet and other forms of material to contribute to one large art piece for the central office.

“It’s just in the planning stages at the moment, however Annie is already one step ahead through continuing to create lots of arts and crafts.

“She is in her element!”