As the vaccine rollout gains pace across the whole of Scotland, both people supported and our frontline team have been excitedly waiting their turn.

We know that frontline workers are at a higher risk of infection from this awful disease. Not only have many social care workers across the UK become sick, they have also had to work in the knowledge that they could well be transmitting infection to vulnerable people they support.

Of course, PPE has been a life-saver, but the vaccine truly does provide a route out of this pandemic for all of us.

Anna and Billy from our team in Lothian tell us about how they feel about the vaccine programme.

  • Name: Anna
  • Role: Rota Coordinator
  • Region: Edinburgh
  • Vaccine received: January 2021

”I feel really lucky to have been offered the vaccine. The whole process was easy. It’s been such a scary year that I’m not sure if I feel safe quite yet. However, I am very much looking forward to receiving my second dose.

“The vaccine is there for a reason, to minimise the spread of Covid-19. I’d urge anyone who feels wary to talk to a health professional who will hopefully help you make the right decision for you.”

  • Name: Billy
  • Role: Support Practitioner
  • Region: Midlothian
  • Vaccine received: January 2021

“To be the first Carr Gomm employee to receive the vaccine in Edinburgh was a real privilege. I felt a real sense of relief. Now, I can continue safely supporting the most vulnerable people in our society, and be safe in the knowledge that the vaccine may also help minimise the severity of infection.”

Did you know?

At Carr Gomm, we appreciate how difficult the current climate is for everyone. We continue to prioritize the health and safety of people supported and our staff. As a member of our team, you can expect:

  • Access to full PPE (gloves, aprons, masks, visors, and goggles).
  • Full training in the effective use of PPE, following agreed guidance issued by Health Protection Scotland.

As one of Scotland’s leading social care and community development charities, we are also fully up-to-date with industry accepted guidance on infection control. 


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