Creativity triggers the imagination and allows for great ideas.

The lockdown restrictions have brought some changes, particularly to the routines of people supported. Some people have pursued new hobbies, while others have struggled to cope with this new normal. At Carr Gomm, we’ve been encouraging creativity as a way of taking people’s minds off the uncertainties of the pandemic.

Andrew shares his lockdown story with us, reflecting on the positive impact creativity continues to have. 


Andrew’s story:

"If I had to describe the lockdown in one word, it would be boredom. Lucky for me, I love painting and it has helped me get through this difficult time. I usually go to art classes, but because of the situation, I’ve been doing my art at home. This really helps with the boredom. I have had many projects and one of them was to create a big picture for the Carr Gomm office.

"I can’t wait to go back to my art classes at the Delta Studio in Larbert. I used to enjoy seeing my good friends, and when everything opens back up again, I hope this will be one of the first things I’ll be able to do.

"I have painted and coloured many pictures, but here are some examples I'm most proud of."

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