Andrew Murphy is a very sociable man. He enjoys nothing more than staying active and having a jam-packed schedule.

Since lockdown he has been unable to enjoy his weekly art classes which he attended every Monday and Tuesday.

This change has been difficult for Andrew as he is very outgoing and misses being able to see other people from his art group.

Sadly, it led to Andrew becoming increasingly anxious within his home. So it’s been important for him to work alongside his support team to find solutions.

Andrew’s support team suggested he could reignite his love for arts and crafts by painting pieces for the office space within the service.

Clair Harkness, the service manager said: “Andrew is a really creative man and has found his love for art again during lockdown.

“Actually, he is in the middle of painting art work for our office to make the place more vibrant and welcoming for those who visit.”

Dawn Ferguson, his support practitioner said: “This project is giving him a new focus and he appears to be a lot calmer whilst he paints.

“Honestly, he is over the moon to be contributing to the service!”