John in our Forth Valley service is inspiring everyone with his productivity and can-do attitude throughout his time in lockdown.

He is not afraid to try out new activities and is even improving his fitness within the comfort of his own home.

In recent weeks, John has been using his stationary bike to keep active with staff pretending to be traffic to make exercising more enjoyable for him. John has been waving to the pretend traffic as it passes by, which has been fun and exciting for John and the team.

He has also been participating in other activities which include: growing his own potatoes, making puzzles, painting and organising exciting plans for the future.

Agnes Johnstone, support practitioner said: “John has been growing lots of potatoes. We always joke together that if the shop shelves go bare at least we’ll have mash.

 “John plans to go camping once lockdown has been lifted. He has been chatting to myself and the other staff members about his ideas and looks forward to the future.

 “He is also making sure he is outside clapping for key workers every Thursday. There are people who dress up in costume on his street and play music. John claps along and loves to be involved.

“Honestly, it has been amazing to see how well he’s coped.” 

Andrea McQueen, service manager said: “John has been coping so well given the circumstances and his team have been amazing.”

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