Pat is diving into the world of technology as she buys herself an Alexa to keep entertained and up-to-date whilst staying at home.

She has always been a very busy person and previously enjoyed weekly visits to the bingo, cinema and McDonalds for a treat meal each week.

Whilst the entertainment and hospitality sector is experiencing a phased return in Scotland, Pat continues to have fun and, alongside her support team, is always looking at new ways to stay occupied.

Recently, her team noticed that she was becoming increasingly interested in their work phones and the different features and apps they could use on them.

Dawn, her support practitioner, suggested to Pat that they look online for technology that would keep her entertained during lockdown. This is when together they found the Alexa.

The new Alexa has many features and can provide Pat with regular weather updates which appear as a picture on the Alexa screen. Pat also loves being able to listen to her favourite singer Daniel O’Donnell throughout the day.

Dawn Fergusson said: “Pat loves her Alexa it has brought out a side in her that we didn’t realise.

“When I and other members of the team visit for her support, Pat sets her Alexa up to make funny noises as we walk in the door. This always gives everyone a fright and she gets a right laugh out of it.

“It’s been a great tool for her and has allowed her to stay entertained as she can now have Daniel O’Donnell on repeat.”