Woodside Court in Forth Valley is keeping very busy at the moment. Due to lockdown, the staff and people supported have been finding innovative ways to keep the days interesting.

Mairi, a support practitioner at Woodside court said; “we have been trying to keep busy and keep everyone’s spirits up, including the key workers as well as those we support… It has, in a way, been a lovely lockdown, because it has meant we can focus on the people here even more so, and the activities have brought out different sides of their characters.”

Creativity at Woodside has included splatter painting, making masks, art and rainbows. This has occupied time and brought smiles to all involved. Our wonderful model to represent this hub of activity is Cameron. As you can see, his smile is infectious and he has been taking part in all activities with gusto!

Mairi said; “Cameron is incredibly good, he’s enthusiastic about everything, he loves people and it’s incredibly rewarding working with him. He’s missed his social calendar a lot as he is so social, he has therefore loved all the activities. He is so happy and smiley with a massive personality.”

Those at Woodside have also been clapping for carers every Thursday evening. Bells, tambourines, sirens and voices alike have been used to make as much noise as possible. Mairi said; “the people we support love the clap for carers. It’s really exciting and something to look forward to every week. There is a block (of flats) behind us and they also come out and clap and it has brought a real sense of belonging to everyone here at Woodside.”

When the weather has been good badminton has been the first port of call. Mairi said; “We’re really lucky, we’ve got a great garden which gets the sun, so we’ve been out there when the weather is nice. We’ve also got several local woodland walks, so we’ve been able to do that taking the chairs as well, we are maximizing our hour a day. Especially, at the moment, as lots of people here are so socially active, they’ll be missing their usual social routine.”

During lockdown, it is inspiring to see Woodside Court keeping busy and having fantastic activities to keep their time positive.

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