The last few months have been a particularly difficult time for everyone. We have all had to cope with change and a new routine and sometimes it can be a struggle to stay positive. However, people like Ruth are proving it is possible to carry on through sharing a smile and an optimistic outlook towards life.

Ruth is a lady, supported by our Stirling team, who has shown so much strength and resilience when being faced with really difficult and unhappy situations during lockdown.

Since lockdown began, she has experienced periods of poor health and as a result, has had to spend time in hospital to feel better.

Unfortunately, after being discharged from hospital and resting at home, she also received the devastating news that her father had sadly passed away.

This was very upsetting for Ruth and because of social distancing measures, there were restrictions around her father’s funeral.

Despite all this Ruth has kept going and has remained positive through what has been a very challenging time.

On behalf of the Stirling girls who support Ruth, we would like to acknowledge this amazing lady for what a star she is.

She is the sweetest and kindest person we know and not to mention she also makes some mouth-watering veggie dishes.

We just adore this lady!