Carr Gomm’s role is not to do things for people, but to work with them. On any given day we may be supporting an older woman with dementia to live independently in her home; or helping a young man with autism move into his first home away from his family; or supporting a father of young children with his benefits claims and understanding his responsibilities as a tenant to reduce his risk of eviction. 

Recently, we started supporting Nathan. He was eager to enjoy new experiences, and explore different activities.

Over the last few months, Nathan has built a really great relationship with his support practitioner, Tony. His overall wellbeing and confidence has improved and he now attends the gym on a regular basis.

Tony said: “Nathan is a really active young man who is now also smashing the gym. It’s a place where he is able run off any stress or frustration he may have.

“It’s great because Nathan now associates the gym with fun, which means it’s not a chore for him. It has been a brilliant addition to his weekly routine.”

Alongside the gym, Tony and the other members of staff have been helping Nathan discover the benefits of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. In the past, he struggled with this, but is now enthusiastically making small changes to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Tony said: “Honestly, we now enjoy so many activities together. From making and flipping pancakes and toasties, to walks in the local woods, and even just time cleaning the dishes.

“Nathan has shown huge improvements in the way he approaches situations, and appears calmer and less stressed. We’re a real team.”

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