There is plenty of humour and laughter when the ‘Two Davids’ get together.

David A and David B love playing practical jokes with each other, and so they took their tricks to the next level by playing a public prank.


The two Davids took a photo of a washing machine with a text saying that there was a leak in the washing machine. The intention was to get people worried about a potential hole, but if the people took the time and scrolled onto the next image, they would see that it was not a leak, but the vegetable.

The jokes are a series of ways for David A and David B to bond, and it has been an excellent way for David A to work on his dramatic skills. Since the start of lockdown, he could not attend his drama group, and his practical jokes have been a way to express his emotions and refine his skills.

This was a very special joke because it was their first publicly posted joke and was shared on Spark, an internal communications channel, for all the Carr Gomm staff to see. David B had also sent out an email to the rest of the team from the Dundee visiting service. David A loved the comments and reactions by the staff members, and he was proud that he could play a joke for everyone.