Walking into the board room for the first time I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having worked at the frontline of support I was curious, does strategic level decision-making truly connect with the experiences of people who provide and use services? The answer at Carr Gomm is a resounding yes. People, the desire to protect and promote their interests, feature strongly throughout board discussions. Upholding the organisation’s core aims feels like a very present and foundational force.

Understanding this connection between strategic and frontline levels has, for me, been the most inspirational part of my journey with Carr Gomm. Appreciating their inter-relatedness has brought home to me the importance not only of those at “the top”, but of every individual in contributing to the organisation’s success.

As part of the Get on Board programme administered by RSM and Santander, aimed at encouraging young people to gain experience of charity governance, I attended the finance committee, board induction and development days, as well as a formal board meeting, giving me a sense of the wide-ranging and dynamic stewardship required of the board. A highlight was attending the launch of the new strategic plan where the executive team spoke enthusiastically about the next steps for Carr Gomm.

The more I do with Carr Gomm, the more I want to do!

It’s been a brilliant journey so far. There’s still so much to learn about the organisation, its services and people. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to be involved and make a contribution.

Interested in joining our Board? Read more and apply here.