The Coronavirus has changed our lives drastically. We now, more than ever, are coming together in ways we didn’t know would be necessary a year ago.

I’m Jessie Sheridan, and on March 30 I started working as a Project Officer in the Business Development team at Carr Gomm. My role is largely fundraising focused but also involves marketing and communication activity.

I am amazed at the resilience of the charity in a time of such large uncertainty. The commitment and determination to keep calm and carry on has astonished me as a new member of staff.

New staff, like me, have had to learn in a different way to the usual. My entire induction has been from home. It has come with trials, and I think when it comes to travelling to an office once more, it will be a challenge as I am getting used to the slower pace of life.

I have felt so welcomed by my team and the organisation at large. Meeting colleagues online has been a new and unexpected experience. It is challenging my communication skills in a good way.

Without technology, we would not have been able to learn the way we have. LearnPro and the ability to ask questions through email or Microsoft Teams, or even pick up the phone, has been invaluable to learn about Carr Gomm and work at our best.

Despite everything, we are continuing to deliver on promises and I for one am proud to be a part of it.

We are still recruiting during Corona Virus- Check out our current vacancies and apply to start your social care career today!