Scotland’s third sector has never been more stretched than it is at the moment. Uncertainty has spread across the country and has knocked on the doors of everyone. And yet, incredible actions are being carried out by individuals every day.

#NeverMoreNeeded is a campaign designed to tell the story of how Scotland is dealing with Covid-19.

To help illustrate what workers all over the country do for those they support, Naomi has written a ‘thank you’ letter to Ty, her support practitioner. Naomi has done this to highlight the “incredible and unflinching” support she has received from Carr Gomm, and in particular, Ty. This is what she says:

I first received support some four and a half years ago, after the sudden passing of my husband. Support, I know, I could have not survived without during this difficult time in my life.

I initially received full support, but after I met my targets and was settled in my own tenancy it was no longer necessary. However, Ty continued, despite his busy schedule, to check in on me. He would make sure I was getting out on a regular basis, was able to choose my own shopping, and would help me with any house tasks to make sure they were carried out safely. This had a great impact on my mental well being and helped promote my own independence.

I have a number of health difficulties and frankly, when lockdown was declared, I was terrified. I was worried how I would manage, especially given that online deliveries are non-existent in my area.  

However Ty immediately contacted me and assured me that I was not to worry as he would make sure that all my needs would be fully met and that I would be safe in my own home. From that day, he has gone above and beyond anything you could ever ask of a professional in the care industry or otherwise.

As an essential worker, he comes into Lochgilphead once a week at least, so he can care for others but always gets in touch with me to double-check I have everything I need from the Co-op for the coming week. He does this at great risk to himself and whilst having to endure the stressful environment that I understand the supermarkets are under. Any prescriptions or medical supplies I need, he is more than willing to get them also. The level he is prepared to go to is exceptional - it’s actually emotionally moving for me.

Ty lifts my spirits when he brings the shopping round by having a chat with me through the window, and he offers practical and creative ideas to support my well being in isolation I am sure that I would not be surviving and would have returned to a very dark place in my mental health within this lockdown, if not for the support and dedication of Ty and Carr Gomm during these very difficult and scary times.

If you would like to find out more about receiving support from Carr Gomm, get in touch via our online form.