I was at a point in my life where a complete change in direction appealed to me. I’ve always been passionate about social inclusion and community work, so I was looking for a job in a person-centred organisation with strong roots in the community and a vision that chimed with my desire to find a job that gave something back to my local community and the people living there.

I looked into lots of community support work, but I particularly liked the core values that encapsulate Carr Gomm as an organisation. I wanted to work for an organisation that puts people first, and one where employees feel valued and supported to excel in their chosen roles. I liked how Carr Gomm has a strong emphasis on supporting employees to build their careers and that employees can create their own career paths.

The initial training really impressed me, and I liked the emphasis on continued support for employees to develop and build upon their skills. I had an immediate gut feeling that I would be happy and fulfilled, because of the holistic, person-centred approach. It seemed like an excellent match for my ethos and approach to life.

I like that people are at the heart of what drives Carr Gomm and that this value permeates every facet of the organisation. I think people who work here all have a similar approach and outlook on life, and this makes for powerful teams and supportive co-workers.

I love how upper management is genuinely passionate, knowledgeable, and engaged with Carr Gomm’s work at every level, and take the time out to make all staff feel that they are a valuable asset to the organisation. I also like that employees are very much encouraged and supported to have input into shaping the organisation, and I appreciate how we are put in control of our own career and personal development.

I feel privileged to be in a job where every day presents opportunities to enable people to live their best lives. It’s not something that many people can say about

There is no typical day! I currently work to support individuals who are non-verbal and who also have some very challenging physical support needs. Every day is a learning curve as I work with my colleagues to ensure that we deliver the best support we can to enable each individual we work with to experience a  true sense of connection and well-being.

I love that I feel empowered by Carr Gomm to make suggestions about activities that might enrich the lives of the people we support, and the emphasis on enabling them to enjoy life to the full.