We are experiencing another lockdown. Unlike the first one that occurred so suddenly, we are learning from previous experience. Back in December 2020, we established our Covid-19 Coordination Group to respond to the uncertainties of the pandemic, and most importantly, to keep people supported and staff safe.

Every fortnight the Covid-19 Coordination Group meets to discuss any updates relating to the pandemic. Every department and locality in the organisation is represented, ensuring that important updates are discussed and distributed accordingly amongst our team.

Safety is our number one priority, here is how the group has helped support Carr Gomm over the last year:

Policy & Guidanc

As the pandemic is ever-changing, so are the regulations; we’ve had to adapt often to comply with the latest guidance. From infection control protocols to new tier regulations, the group has played a significant role in keeping us all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Protective Personal Equipment:

At the very beginning of the pandemic, sourcing PPE was a real challenge for many of us within the social care sector. PPE was seen as a priority for hospital settings, with social care often being forgotten about in the mix. Of course, PPE has allowed us to continue supporting the most vulnerable in society, and it’s all down to our wonderful coordination group. They not only sourced the right equipment quickly, but also made sure that staff were fully trained in the use of PPE from the very beginning.

Testing & Vaccination

Now that people across Carr Gomm have started to receive the vaccine, the group has been instrumental in planning for this huge undertaking.


We work across the length and breadth of Scotland. With regulations often changing based on localities, the group provides an opportunity for local managers to discuss any concerns regarding the changing tier levels.  With our wide range of services, it’s been important to ensure that staff affected by furlough, or people who are shielding, are all looked after in a person-centred way.

Sharing Positive Information

It is not always negative news, and there has been much to be thankful for over the past year. The group encourages managers to share positive stories about how resilient and creative staff and people supported have been. We couldn’t be more proud of how people have coped, and what they have achieved in what has been an unprecedented year.  

Each of our services have had unique experiences during the pandemic. If you’re interested in finding our more about what we do day-to-day, visit: www.carrgomm.org/Pages/Category/our-support