What is the International Day of People with Disabilities?

The United Nations (UN) created the International Day of People with Disabilities, to promote the rights of people with needs. In the UK, there are 1.4 million people living with a range of disabilities, not all of those are physical or visible.  Carr Gomm wants to continue the work started by the UN, to empower people and remind them of this year’s theme that ‘not all disabilities are visible’.

Empowering people with disabilities

Many people with disabilities face stigmas, and so it is vital to ensure that people feel empowered regardless of their disability. We believe everyone is unique. At different stages of our lives, we will all need some kind of support, which is why we choose not to label people with their disability, but to focus on their individuality.

We aim to empower people by not doing things for them but to work together to understand their strengths and who they are as individuals so that they can achieve their goals.

At Carr Gomm, we offer support for a range of different people. For more information on why we do what we do, visit: https://www.carrgomm.org/Pages/Category/our-support