Nicki, a 32 year-old married mum, works as a housing support worker in our Campbelltown team.

The remit of a housing support worker is wide and varied, and certainly rewarding.

Nicki has been talking to us about what a day can involve in her line of work, along with her thoughts on what skills she believes are needed.

“In the course of a day I could be doing a whole combination of different things, such as assisting someone to sign for a new tenancy, or supporting them to an appointment with their doctor, job centre or social worker.”

“I might also be helping with a college application, hosting a meeting to create a manageable repayment plan for debt, liaising with landlords, and visiting people in hospital.”

“I often go shopping with people who have just taken on a new tenancy, to ensure that they have everything needed to start a new home including white goods, linen and furniture.”

“There’s also a drop-in service for those who feel they need assistance more urgently and this can lead to a variety of challenges in one day.”

 “As the days can be different it means that a wide range of personal skills are needed. You need to have a natural aptitude for caring, listening, quick thinking and problem solving. Most importantly, I feel, is the ability to accept people for who they are and where they’re at in their life.”

“I like supporting people to solve problems and become more independent and it is really rewarding when I see the positive impact this has on someone’s life. “

“The best bit about my social care role is that it’s so varied. I have a lot of flexibility in my working day and I get to meet and support many people. I meet a lot of people who are so appreciative of the support I can give.”

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