No two days are ever truly the same working with Carr Gomm. By providing person centered support, our days are dictated by the outcomes of the people we work with. These will vary widely from person to person.

The role of Support Practitioner is both rewarding and interesting .  We have the privilege of supporting people within their own homes.  We get to know our supported people well, speak with families and support carers.  The  Practitioner role can suit many people as our services tend to start at 0700 and finish around 2230 hrs, with differing shift patterns.  We even provide overnight supports. We may provide support to between 5 and 7 people on a shift, with differing outcomes and needs.

A typical support could include:  supporting a person to get up, help them to wash, dress, brush teeth, hair, check their response alarm is on if they have one , meal preparation, administer medication, apply any creams or pain control patches for the supported person., offer them choice whether it is to watch television or read the paper , what they would like for dinner, encouraging exercise,  check that there are no concerns that require to be passed on. It  is best to encourage our supported people so that  they don’t lose their confidence and that we are promoting their independence.

We have guidelines and training to assist us and are supported well by our organisation.  We are given full paid training, including the opportunity to undertake our SVQs and are fully supported through this process.  

I personally like my job and think I go above and beyond to help my supported people and make them happy and comfortable.  Carr Gomm are a great company to work for, very supportive and training given when at work is to a very high standard.

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