As a support practitioner for the best part of 14 years with Carr Gomm, it’s easy to say that I love my job. I support people to live the life they choose in their communities. Sometimes, I may be the only person someone will see in a day, so it’s important to me to make a difference. I do this by offering a listening ear, having a chat, encouraging a smile, or simply just being there.

Prior to lockdown, I would often accompany supported people to their favourite activities. With lockdown restricting what can and can’t be done, people supported have faced extremely difficult times. Many have had to go long periods without the support of seeing family and friends, and there’s no doubt in my mind that my role has become even more crucial in these uncertain times.

To be able to provide the best help, I’ve adapted and learned how to support differently. We may not be enjoying trips out to the supermarket, but we are encouraging creativity and using digital tools to keep people connected to their loved ones. We’ve also reinvented what fun at home looks like. I’ve learned that it’s just as important to take care of myself, so that I can continue to support others as best as possible.

Work has been challenging and demanding with people shielding, we've all had to pull together to support both physical and emotional needs. I’d like to give a special mention to my manager. Nikki has regularly checked in on me and the rest of the team, making sure that we’re all coping and doing ok.

Making a difference in someone’s life is why I do this job. I go into every day treating people with the respect and care that I would want myself. Positivity is key.

I feel that is exactly how it should be and is at Carr Gomm.

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